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Legal Services


To offer our clients and partners a complex support we incorporated a law firm into the group – ProfiDeCon Slovakia s.r.o.

This company provides legal services mainly in these areas:

  • Commercial law – we can cover most of the challenges coming with entrepreneurship – company establishing, changes in the business (commercial) register, liquidation of the company, getting various certifications and allowances needed for the business, or assessment of the contracts and deals you are going to sign.
  • Austria and Germany – in close cooperation with our partners in Austria and Germany, we can participate in legal solutions related to Austrian or German legislation in a lawsuit or non-lawsuit-related situations like starting or closing the business, sending out employees to projects to these countries.
  • Labor law – we can design and implement your internal HR processes or prepare employment documentation. We also have a long-term experience in cross-border mobility of your employees or ex-pats from tax to legal implications.
  • Immigration law – complex coverage of immigration as well as relocation services for foreign citizens in the Slovak republic – obtaining the work & residency permits for all purposes (work, business, family reunion, etc.). We will negotiate on your behalf with foreign police, unemployment offices, commercial registers, etc.) and cover the practical part around helping to find a place to live or destination services.