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Services for entrepreneurs and employees


We provide our clients with business consulting in the European Union, mainly in Germany, Austria, but also in Switzerland.

We focus primarily on reporting obligations for everyone planning to do business or send employees abroad. Individual reporting obligations in different countries certainly vary according to local legislation. We can always advise on the legal and tax implications of doing business and working in a given country. If you are required to pay VAT, income tax, payroll tax or other statutory contributions / levies, we can provide you with all related services, also with the help of our local partners, to keep your business safe.

During our many years of experience, we have built stable contacts in all EU countries. As we implement the most projects in Germany and Austria, we have created separate websites for these countries, where clients can learn more about their responsibilities, as well as the services provided. If you are interested in our services or need advice, please contact us by filling out the contact form at this link.

Countries where we have successfully implemented projects for our clients: