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About us

We are united by the knowledge of the international environment and many years of work experience gained abroad. We have physical representation in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland. We help clients operating or performing work in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and/or other countries of the European Economic Area.

Our added value is the knowledge of local legislation, language skills, and the associated elimination of the fears of many unknown obligations or imminent sanctions. We can facilitate to do business and work abroad so that you can focus on your activities without interruption, and at the same time, be sure that they are not in danger of unexpected inconveniences. To this end, we employ or work externally with a team of experts to help us achieve these goals. They are mainly certified tax advisers, accountants, lawyers, notaries, or companies providing premises for the company’s registered seat.

Our language skills (German, English, Polish, and Hungarian) help us to be an excellent complement where the language barrier of entrepreneurs and employees prevents them from being even more successful.