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Who are we? We are an association of consultants (lawyers, economists and accountants)

We share the knowledge of the international environment and many years of work experience gained abroad. We have physical representatives in the territory of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland. We would like to help clients from these countries, who are operating or working in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or other countries.
Our added value is represented by the knowledge of the local legislation, language proficiency and overcoming the fear of many unknown obligations or sanctions.

We want to make it easier for foreigners to establish an enterprise / employment abroad so that they can fully focus on their activities and, at the same time, be sure that they will not face any unexpected complications. For this purpose, we have created an expert team, who help us achieve these goals. These are certified tax consultants, accountants, lawyers, notaries and companies providing facilities for company headquarters.

Our language proficiency (German, English, Polish, Hungarian) makes us an excellent partner wherever the language barrier presents an obstacle to those interested in the foreign market.